Thursday, January 6, 2011

Look at what the flood had done!

·         The floods had affected the shopping malls along the basement of Orchard Road.
·         High-class restaurants like the Wendy’s were affected by the flood.
·         This repelled customers and some restaurants had no one patronising them.  They also suffered electricity trips.
·         Massive reconstruction and clean-up had to be done immediately after the flood .The damage of their goods also caused them a millions of dollars of loss.

  • The floods caused traffic chaos.
  • A tree which fell and blocked off all three lanes, result in the road closed.
  •  Many vehicles were toppled down by the flood and some drained in the flood, result in people trapped inside cars and buses.
  •  The owner of the vehicles also had to send their cars for a repair. Some had no choice but to purchase another one.

  • The water level sensor reached 75% at the houses at Bukit Timah area at that morning.
  • The floor had also reached people's knee-high level
  •  Also, the floor had caused serious damage on electronic devices in their houses.
From a litter-free Singapore, it became an unrecognizable hodgepodge of muddy water with general waste floating across the surface of the flooded pavements.

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