Friday, January 7, 2011


This graph show the rainfall of the month.

v  Firstly, on that day, two intense rainstorms, which were around 60 per cent of the average monthly rainfall in June, caused water level to rise rapidly and overflow onto Orchard Road because Stamford Canal was unable to deal with high amounts of rainfall.
v  The intervals between the two rainstorms are fast. First rain washed some debris into the culvert and the second rainstorm worsen the situation, result in more serious blockage of the culvert.v  Most times, our drains are able to cope with the rain that we receive. However, extremely heavy rainfall can sometimes exceed the capacity that the drains are designed for.
The drain along Orchard Road blocked
     One third of the culvert was blocked because the heavy rains had sweep the debris into the culvert
     It became clogged which resulted in water flowing into the canal and the canal was unable to handle the full load.
     Thus, the design and capacity of Stamford Canal has been found to be another cause of the flood.


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